What is an escape room?
An escape room is an interactive game that takes place in a specially designed space where the team has to solve puzzles and perform some missions to escape before the time runs out.
Do I need to make a reservation?
In order to play one of our rooms it is mandatory to book online or by phone. You can get information on the availability either by phone or through our website.
Do I need any special knowledge or skills in order to participate?
You do not need to have any specialized knowledge or skills to participate in Brain On’s games.
Who can play?
Our rooms are are made all players, regardless of age. Of course there are also adult-only rooms, which have the 18+ mark. At younger ages, adult accompaniment is recommended.
Which are the payment methods?
You can pay at the store either in cash or by debit / credit card.
My team has more members than the room limit, can we play?
Rooms should be played with the number of players provided by the site. If the team has more members, we suggest playing separately. It is possible to play with more players, but we do not recommend it.